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NOTICE: given the strong innovative character of the contents and in order to protect the intellectual property right and the copyright, at the moment, the site Registration, the unwinding parameters of the 4T Tests and the web applications of the 4T Tests and the 4T Tournaments are not available.
These contents will be made visible at the start of their promotional campaign.

Anyway, manuals are available at the following links:

   The 4T Method.

   The Theory of push lines.



Asset is an english term, commonly used in marketing and finance, and it means a commodity, an advantage, a resource that somebody possesses thanks to which he acquires a favourable position compared to other people, in a specific field.
TennisAsset therefore, means an advantage in the tennis world, thanks to information, communication and sharing of knowledge, to the force of logics according to which a healthy and constructive collaboration could bring advantages to all tennis clubs, to tennis players and to the business revolving around this splendid sport; I hope to find many allies along the road.
My initial contribution consists in placing free of charge at everyone’s disposal, the on-line consultation of my manuals “The Theory of push lines” and “The 4T method”.
Dedico una particolare attenzione al Metodo 4T ed ai Test 4T con l'applicazione dedicata, con l'auspicio che possano essere di grande utilità per tutti.
The site is in the development stage and shortly educational videos, photos and diagrams inside the pages of the manuals will be loaded.
I boldly and trustfully lay myself open to criticism, trusting, should any criticism be made,  that the authors will assume responsibility and will have a constructive attitude.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Luca Mandalino

Open project

In short, with the hope that this exciting and challenging work is appreciated by many, an area will be activated dedicated to the Open Project. .
teachers, coaches, physical trainers, sports psychologists, sports doctors, physiotherapists and manager will share professional experiences, technical specifications of the use of 4T Method and 4T Test and all that will be helpful to our community.
All this with meritocratic spirit and improved availability of mind towards our neighbor and his ideas.

Community ed Eventi

In short, the Community will offer visibility and networking opportunities to those who actively participate in the world of TennisAsset.com .
Tennis clubs, tennis schools, teachers, players and specialized shops will be able to publish their public Profile.
Within Profile teacher and player you will be able to indicate whether there are professions of interest in the tennis world such as for example the sports doctor, the physical trainer, the sport psychologist , the physiotherapist and others.
Teachers and players will be assigned the role of the Judge of the 4T Test to save the score.
The tennis club and the tennis schools will publish Events related to tennis courses and tournaments in which you use the 4T Method and the 4T Test .
The specialized shops in publishing promotional Events, such as an Open Day to allow players to try the new rackets, where appropriate, collaborating with a tennis club, a tennis school or a teacher that can make available the equipment and their expertise to enrich tests with 4T Test.


the more I know the more I ignore

Tommaso Campanella, Stilo 1568 - Parigi 1639

On line since 2009

The 4T Method" and "The Theory of push lines" are online since April 28, 2009.

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