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Luca Mandalino

The 4T Method.

Testing - Teaching - Training - Testing.
Scientific and technological setting, measurement of the real values technical and athletic.
Optimization and customization of the player's training.

luca mandalino
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Chapter two.

20 good reasons for using launching tennis ball machines and the 4T Method that Tennis Clubs, Schools, Teachers, Students and Players can share.

  1. The teacher can remain close to their students, instead of being on the other side of the court launching balls from the bucket, for a greater benefit of quality in teaching;
  2. During a group lesson, when the teacher takes a student aside to impart technical knowledge, the others may continue practicing in keeping up the pace of the game for the entire hour;
  3. The teacher may work longer with a lower expenditure of energy in benefit of a better performance;
  4. One can conduct sessions with a greater number of students per court, significantly decreasing the costs per person of the lessons and simultaneously increasing the hourly fee competence of the teacher;
  5. The decreasement of the fee per person per lesson, the rhythm of work and most of all the amusement within the court, due to patterns of the game and unlimited exercises, enable a better promotion and aggregation to the courses;
  6. Carrying out lessons and courses with a greater number of pupils per court, enables the tennis school to reinforce the work within fewer hours, thus increasing the availability of the available courts to the club members;
  7. Being able to launch balls with the machine on different lines and speed, with different rotations, allows you to have more fun whilst playing during the lessons and effective with groups of different technical level students;
  8. The great pace of the game, with the unlimited combinations of shots to play with the tennis ball launching machine, make excellent training and quality lessons even for the most discerning agonists;
  9. The lauching balls machine, equipped with battery, can also be used on courts devoid of electrical outlets;
  10. Comparing the 4T Tests offers the advantage of well understanding, both for the teacher as well as for the player, whether and how effective the teaching and training phases are;
  11. The 4T Method, which is applied to complete cycles of its four phases, allows to identify achievable goals and to work step by step with objective data evaluation of the results obtained, this combines to create empathy and trust between teacher and student and offers collaboration and growth insights and motivations;
  12. The schools that use the 4T Method can organize thematic stages for players who have achieved the same scores in the 4T Tests and which therefore have very similar technical characteristics, offering valid reasons for them to follow along with a specific technical course;
  13. The Comparison of 4T Tests allows teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of different methods of teaching and training and the area Open Project of TennisAsset.com allows them to confront and interact;
  14. TennisAsset.com fully applies the concept of meritocracy, therefore, the teachers who use the 4T Method and publish ideas and innovative projects in the area Open Project gain visibility and notoriety in their personal capacity;
  15. The schools and clubs who use the tennis ball launching machines and the 4T Method can organize 4T Tennis Tournaments, based on fun competitions between players who attend 4T Test in an attempt to get the best score, creating a nice and innovative social classifications; furthermore, clubs and schools can organize on their courts even 4T Tournaments for specific categories of national and international character;
  16. Each 4T Test has a specific time carrying and determined; the 4T Tennis Tournaments, therefore, allow a schedule of hours on court dedicated to the tournament which excludes the risk of prolonging the competition more than necessary due to meetings too long disputed by some of the participants;
  17. The 4T Tennis Tournaments allow an economic management that ensures the availability of attractive prizes to be put up for grabs amongst participants and of a reasonable compensation for the commitment of both the club and its teacher;
  18. The schools and the clubs that use the launching tennis ball machine and the 4T method may participate in 4T Championships, played with the formula of the 4T Test; these competitions can contend within the same Tennis Club or at a distance, at the same time, like for example between teams from different regions or nations, thus giving rise to national and international championships without the burden of travel expenses; moreover, thanks to live video and audio streaming befall distances and you share the gaming experience in real time;
  19. The schools and the clubs that use the 4T Method and become part of the Community of TennisAsset.com can share your favorite even better on social network their news and their events;
  20. The schools and the clubs that use the launching tennis ball machines and the 4T Method, exploit a scientific method that allow you to verify and quantify, on paper, the educational results obtained, loyalty of members and students, and getting a greater appeal towards those who, want to choose the club and tennis school to attend, should orient between various options.
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